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  • author ( 26, woman | Trinidad & Tobago )

    Hopefully if you're close to me I'd love to talk and get to know you either going out for lunch or coffee or I'd love to make lunch for you that's only if we've been talking for a while and I know you at least 75% lol

  • author ( 26, woman | Elgin, TX, USA )

    go out for a couple of times, and then see where it goes from there. get to know each other, have a few laughs, see how the other feels about each other.

  • author ( 27, woman | Las Vegas, NV, USA )

    We'd go to Tea Time and have a wonderful time, eating udon and talking for hours. We could play with the crane and split an order of mochi ice cream while we snuggle up on the couch.

  • author ( 28, woman | New Britain, CT, USA )

    My house first because I will feel more comfortable chilling with them somewhere I feel safe first, then somewhere outdoors, maybe a park for a nice picnic. I like outdoorsy stuff like that.

  • author ( 43, man | Bessemer, AL, USA )

    A movie and maybe hitting up a club. Sitting around getting to kno each other at a bar or Coffe shop. What ever your into I guess.

  • author ( 39, man | Alta, IA, USA )

    Classic dinner and movie is always my first choice if it's up to me but I usually ask where she would like to do and go from there I'm not really good on first dates I get nervous and goofy

  • author ( 28, woman | Manassas, VA, USA )

    Hmm first date Idea well first off my boyfriend would have to be a vampire and ..he'd take me on a picnic in the dark and sing songs to me! That be perrrrfect v.v

  • author ( 51, man | Arlington, TX, USA )

    My first date towards whom I claim to love will be a thing of joy reason because I will make I know the efficacy of what she is going into, make her realize the sacrifice she might subject herself to during the relations...  see more >>

  • author ( 26, man | Fort Myers, FL, USA )

    Well, I would come pick you up, we would drive on over to the dining place of your choice, eat delicious food, then after do whatever you like, just so long as I get my food ;)

  • author ( 36, woman | South Africa )

    I think id like him to decide. I like a guy that can make the call and take the lead. Something different, and gothic romantic. Talk to me, find the ballance, level with me, strip one layer at a time. And then go in for...  see more >>

  • author ( 29, man | Decatur, IL, USA )

    well first i thought we eat some thing that you would like then i take you to my seceret littel hide out to so we can talk and get to know each other

  • author ( 26, man | Troy, OH, USA )

    There is not much quite like going on a nice park and throwing down a blanket and eating some sandwiches and chips, maybe even followed by a nice movie.

  • author ( 32, man | Rouseville, PA, USA )

    For some reason I like the idea of a picnic. I know. What Victorian decade am I from? I just kind of like the idea.

  • author ( 31, man | Morgan City, LA, USA )

    Go eat out tell each other about ourself a then go to movies and then after what ever the women wants to do

  • author ( 26, woman | Lancaster, KY, USA )

    I dont really know about first dates...usually its to the movies but i'm looking for something special...I want someone to love me no matter what, I want someone to be faithful no matter our distance. Distance cannot rip...  see more >>

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