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  • author ( 33, man | Price, UT, USA )

    the truth of it is that to sum up my thought of a first date is can range from deep to a few laughs

  • author ( 40, man | Hampton, VA, USA )

    going with the flow and relaxing. It's not about what you do and more about getting to know who you do it with. People put so much ephesis on being original that they tend to forget that it's nearly impossible to be so

  • author ( 42, man | Plant City, FL, USA )

    There are all sorts of things I love to do but we can talk about that more as we get to know one another.

  • author ( 36, man | North Hollywood, CA, USA )

    My first date is always different, it depends on the girl who I'm with and what both of us are feeling like at the time.

  • author ( 32, woman | Nacogdoches, TX, USA )

    Honestly I'm not sure I am kind of a live for the moment type of chick so whatever comes to mind at the time, or you can pick the date.

  • author ( 57, woman | Palm Harbor, FL, USA )

    I really don't know what I'd like for a first date. Something casual to ease into things and feel commfortable with. I'm actually very shy when it comes to dating.

  • author ( 48, man | Vancouver, WA, USA )

    I pick my date up. We go to dinner at Vinetopia. After the dinner it go a variety of ways: 1. we go to Cinetopia for a movie, 2. We go to an ice cream parlor for dessert, or 3. we go to one of our homes for some snugglin...  see more >>

  • author ( 54, man | Kennewick, WA, USA )

    Hunting badgers with spoons after dark... I've never had a woman suggest meeting in a graveyard after dark, that would be pretty cool I think. I did once invite a woman to a park after dark, she declined, probably wise...  see more >>

  • author ( 34, woman | Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania )

    The date itself doesn't matter as much as the person I'd be meeting. If there's a connection, I'd be happy just walking around the streets talking. If not, why continue.

  • author ( 36, man | Lodi, CA, USA )

    Well a first date for me could be anything from going to a club, dinner and a movie. For me as long as we have fun and get to know eachother thats what maters (not where you are or what your doing its who your with)

  • author ( 33, man | Huntington, NY, USA )

    I won't waste your time going out before we even know if we click. First talk, then phone, next.... whatever we wanna do.. Read my profile to see what I'm about, but don't think that's all the sides to me because I do ha...  see more >>

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