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  • View author's info ( 26, Man | Englewood, CO, USA )

    Hold hands and walk around a part, full moon on a summer night. Agree to disagree we'll come up with something

  • View author's info ( 31, Woman | Shreveport, LA, USA )

    I would love a romantic walk in a cemetery ^_^ Perhaps with some tombstone play and pictures. And we could either eat at a restaurant or get something to go and eat in the graveyard! Roses and morbidly beautiful words of...  see more >>

  • View author's info ( 27, Man | Daleville, IN, USA )

    Go to a movie or mall.check out the music in stores n jack around to find out how we would socially act in public.just ask to find in more detail or if if daring just take a date with me

  • View author's info ( 26, Woman | Buffalo, NY, USA )

    I would love to do something like hike or the beach to be one with nature or play video games or paintball anything I can get into c:

  • View author's info ( 63, Woman | Canton, MI, USA )

    i don't like the public xD uhmmm i love going thrifting and also used bookstores, so i guess we could do that. i don't like going to the movies/malls due to my extreme anxiety about crowds and high ceilings and i don't c...  see more >>

  • View author's info ( 41, Man | Fair Play, SC, USA )

    Natural Setting, if the first meeting starts in an artificial environment then everything moving forward will be predicated upon that.....

  • View author's info ( 46, Man | Clallam Bay, WA, USA )

    Just hsnging out and talking.. Relaxing with weed. And conversing and bonding.. Maybe talk under the sky. And learn..

  • View author's info ( 44, Woman | Watertown, NY, USA )

    Will be to connect with each other talking or looking into each other soul and feel how the other person is!! Connect very deep!!

  • View author's info ( 44, Woman | Brusly, LA, USA )

    In a graveyard or somewhere dark and demented with lit black and red candles, the drink would be blood, any food doesn't matter, touching biting sucking fucking listening to death metal and having a hell of a time

  • View author's info ( 28, Man | Wantage, England - Berkshire, GBR )

    I would take you to a grave yard and we would get drunk on cheap cider.... Sound romantic? Tbh there is no guy on this that knows what to do on a date.

  • View author's info ( 29, Man | Buffalo, NY, USA )

    Possibly nice long walk. Talking and getting to know eachother. Maybe go by a clif and cuddle under a full moon

  • View author's info ( 46, Man | Porto, Porto, Portugal )

    Incapaz de assistir num s terreno, Mais propenso ao furor do que ternura; Bebendo em nveas mos por taa escura De zelos infernais letal veneno: (in Bocaje - Retrato prprio)

  • View author's info ( 32, Man | Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania )

    We destroy an entire city. Drink the blood of the survivors. Then kill them. Then move unto the next city. Your choice, of course ....

  • View author's info ( 27, Woman | Pineville, WV, USA )

    It really depends, on the person. I'm more of an easy-going type; i like to just hang out & do random things, & i'm a frequent kisser. lol:)

  • View author's info ( 27, Woman | Montrose, Scotland - Angus, GBR )

    Don't/Didn't have one.. I'm really not interested in the Matches/dating side of this social network. Please read my profile.

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