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  • author ( 36, man | Miami, FL, USA )

    a nice mid night stroll through crypts at night. red wine, moonlight, graves <3 .........................................................................................................................

  • author ( 19, woman | Gulfport, MS, USA )

    Lets just drive around and talk while listening to music, take a walk on the beach before laying down in the sand and looking up at the stars, or sit on the rooftop at 3 am confessing secrets to each other.

  • author ( 21, woman | Romulus, MI, USA )

    Really anything past 7 pm is cool I just like the nightlife, just walking around town and spontaneously walking into buildings and just go unplaned is really fun. Also breakfast at a sitdown place is the best.

  • author ( 20, man | Ruther Glen, VA, USA )

    Its midnight, the moonlight is lit and its calm. Gentle wind breezes blow about the starry, moonlit night. As we walk, I tell you "Close your eyes and hold my hand." You ask me "Why?", I reply" I...  see more >>

  • author ( 42, man | Abilene, TX, USA )

    Getting to know her... spoiling her... worshipping her being under her spell because she is my goddess.. pleasuring her sexually having demonic ritual sex

  • author ( 37, man | Atlanta, GA, USA )

    A midnight picnic at the top of a mountain would be cool. Get ourselves lost in the dark somewhere and force ourselves to get to know each other. I think the first few dates should be "TALKING" only. Get all th...  see more >>

  • author ( 26, man | Palm Harbor, FL, USA )

    Movies / Dinner don't appeal to me that much. How are you going to talk if you're in two quiet places? Let's just wing it. Is there anything fun happening tonight? Is there somewhere open 24 hours nearby we can just loit...  see more >>

  • author ( 24, man | Cedar Park, TX, USA )

    How does sitting on the roof staring at the night sky discussing our future sound to you? Perhaps a romantic dinner date in a cemetery followed by a good night stroll reading the tombstones.

  • author ( 25, woman | Edmonton, AB, CAN )

    Go outside and ignore people, listening to music and traveling throughout the city, staring at the stars.

  • author ( 22, man | Torquay, Victoria, Australia )

    Maybe a stroll along the beach if its a nice day or cafe. Or even to a convention in Melbourne or just relaxing on the bed or couch watching and playing some of my favourite things, or even to a graveyard or cemetery or...  see more >>

  • author ( 55, man | Beverly Hills, CA, USA )

    Well if we are on the Big Island of Hawaii, we would have bbq on the beach then watch the stars and listen to the waves. If on mainland Bar Sinister, the Chamber, Chaos, The Batcave, Ruin Hollywood or my fav, the Maledic...  see more >>

  • author ( 27, man | USA )

    I'd like to introduce myself by doing the thing I enjoy most: walking. I would prefer night, but I get not wanting to do that the first time you meet someone. We could bring our own food and have a midnight dinner.

  • author ( 29, woman | Trojmiasto, Pomorskie, Poland )

    Any place which is more interesting/original at night (like a city, or seashore), or becomes more exciting under the moonlight (like walking near forest etc), is preferable by me (and hopefully preferable by you of cours...  see more >>

  • author ( 22, woman | Kalispell, MT, USA )

    stargazing is a major one!! painting, walking in the graveyard and just anythis you're creative mind can come up with.

  • author ( 22, woman | Southampton, England - Hampshire, GBR )

    Spontaneous Drives, Movies, Music, Concerts, Graveyard Walks, Moonlight Walks, Food, Shopping, Chilling

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