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  • author ( 51, man | Phelan, CA, USA )

    Halloween 24 he store in my town, see a scary movie at drive in, , have a drink, and or bite each other, lol

  • author ( 56, man | Adrian, MI, USA )

    I'd like to go where there is a live band. I'd like to go to a museum or go to some type of convention. Maybe visit a cemetary when the sun rises. Go to an amusement park. Check out a movie and eat at a restaurant we wou...  see more >>

  • author ( 51, man | Marina del Rey, CA, USA )

    An after-midnight drive in the mountains, dark ambient music on the way through the fog, and a picknic basket, candelabrum and blanket in the trunk (next to the body).

  • author ( 52, man | Monroe, CT, USA )

    Nice drive,top down, take you to agreat little soul food place I know, laugh, loose track of time get coffee after and talk all night.

  • author ( 55, woman | Northampton, England - Northamptonshire, GBR )

    Really good coffee in a place with atmosphere (and good music in the back ground, or at least good food/coffee!), followed by a walk in a light rain drizzle :)

  • author ( 51, woman | Ulverston, England - Lancashire, GBR )

    How about a walk in the park, a theme park perhaps with a rollercoaster ride? A comic con where we can dress up and be almost anyone? Or maybe take in some history or knowledge at a museum or gallery on a rainy day? Not...  see more >>

  • author ( 52, man | San Francisco, CA, USA )

    Perhaps an impromptu midnight picnic on a cliff by the sea! A night of dancing until the sun rises. A day of art! A weekend of music. A week of exploring something & somewhere for the first time. A month in a foreign cou...  see more >>

  • author ( 56, woman | Silver Springs, NV, USA )

    A moonlight picnic in the park, or a graveyard, a stroll along the water, on the beach or Spontanaity

  • author ( 57, man | Camborne, England - Cornwall, GBR )

    A drink, coffee, a chance to talk face to face? A chance to size each other up or run away. So a clear exit would be an advantage. Only kidding. It not so much the surroundings as the person your talking too.

  • author ( 52, woman | Galveston, TX, USA )

    I think first date ideas would be best reserved for when I actually know a little about the person first, but please dont plan to go fishing hunting camping or any sort of outdoor activity unless its night time. I am not...  see more >>

  • author ( 52, man | Valley Village, CA, USA )

    Let's go to a museum or gallery. I'm a classical and dark art lover, so I tend to hit the dark art showings in town (LA) as well as appreciate classical scultures, Art Nouveau, but generally dislike modern art. We can la...  see more >>

  • author ( 59, woman | London, England - London, GBR )

    I like washing out glass jars before placing them into the rubbish, then I adore to watch Steve try and kill his morning prey, at times said prey has to put into a blender and re-molded into something as he has a hard ti...  see more >>

  • author ( 50, woman | Manchester, CT, USA )

    First meeting must be in a public place. A real date would include some form of dinner and maybe a long drive in the car talking, listening to music and acting silly. Reading and discussing some short Victorian ghost sto...  see more >>

  • author ( 57, woman | Leicester, England - Leicestershire, GBR )

    a candlelit dinner,then into the night,a walk in the moonlight, late night movie,coffee,or just chat,embracing the earth and nature.

  • author ( 52, woman | Flint, MI, USA )

    This would be a great time to converse over an awesome meal, afterwards, we could go exploring. A nice warm eve is my preference, somewhere scenic and open. A historical graveyard, or a place that has Gothic architecture...  see more >>

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