Is the old romance dead ? life

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    Is the old romance dead ?
    Flowers, poems, dreams.... Here, in my city, there are only people with mobile phones, rough words and bad behavior.. Unfortunately also in the scene.
    So I think - the old romance is dead.

    What do you think ?
    What's your experience ?
    Thank you.



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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 18, 2016 at 01:12 AM

    In my view, old romance is very much alive. It's our busy lifestyles that thwart the love within us. Every now and then, leave the phone, tablet or whatever at home, go and explore somewhere that is alien to you, speak to a stranger, show compassion, wherever you may be, that's romance. xx

  • View author's info Posted on Aug 02, 2016 at 04:56 AM

    I only get sex talk. No romance! I miss poems and flowers and the quick touch of hands touching each other.

    Alexander Veljanov from Deine Lakaien keeps me believing in dark romance.

  • View author's info Posted on May 12, 2016 at 11:33 AM

    Our generation gap makes for some stupid arguments where we are both wrong. Kids now are worse.


    Saw a story of a girl forced to drop out of school, her nude photos wound up facebook did get taken down, it is facebook. They spread across the whole school and she couldn't face it. So they interviewed kids and said nude pic trading is an every day thing.


    I can't even fathom that, and how can be romantic in that world.


    There are always people, and nothing truly dies out. If what goes around truly comes around, some day we will have a romance reniscance, sadly I bet we will both be dead for it.


    So keep your eyes open, when you see those people addicted to their phones, asking people out and dumiping on there phones. Forget them. It may be harder than ever to find people you relate to.


    However, at least when you do, they tend to be worth fighting for, friend, lover, aquiantance.  If you keep romance in your heart, and you show kindness to others, those worth your while, will show you the same courtesy.


    Take it as sifting through what you don't need, and finding that which you truly desire. 



    It's how I stomach it. I'm sure others have even better ways.

  • View author's info Posted on May 12, 2016 at 11:27 AM


    My sis said once they said there was no middle class when the recession was bad. Violence is at it's all time worse. People may even be more selfish then other.


    People though are in many ways more themseles.


    The romantics now are generally the only romantics. There is less preasure on those that aren't as romantic to be forced into acting with romantiscim. 


    It's opinion if it's good or bad.


    Not to mention with busier parents it's harder than ever to set up rules, and boundries. We can't legally spank a kid in America any more. You can get arrested for verbal battery. Freedome of speech is dead.


    As for other countries, I know not those laws. However, 1st world countries run like speedy gonzalez. Every one though makes time, or tries to make time, for what's most important to them.


    Could be seeing their kids and raising them right, could be figuring out random romantic surprises to spring on your spouse long after your married. It culd be going home having some beer and watching netflix unwinding.


    For a romantic like myself, I only see it as half sad. It isn't forcing people to act in a way they aren't, to be romantic, win a partner, just to stop being romantic and get a divorce.


    Nothing in this world is more beautiful then true love and true freedom.


    Every day the site of those things is lost a little more by the majority. Not every one though, or things would be even worse.


    I agree it's sad that people can't have conversations without being on their phone. Having to say set  the phone down this is important, that depresses me. Communication, personal human action, devoteness, honour, integrity. It's diffrent from even when I was a kid and I'm only 30. 


    My mother is twice my age and some times can't believe slang I use. I believe it is best to be honest and true even if it may come off as disrespectful, and always make a point to tell her I'm not being disrespectful. She can't faothom having her own opinion specifically to her parents and voicing them.

  • View author's info Posted on May 12, 2016 at 11:02 AM

    Sadly I think romance is more dead than this site which sucks for those of us who are old school romantics. 


    I watched an episode of a tv show where the girl could only ask the guy out through text. Hell even when he said yes, she could only talk to him through text, not even an actual phone call.


    That's what society has become. I remember being a kid always on the phone. Now, I don't make phone calls besides appointments or really important things that are too long and annoing too type, with texting, it's even easier to hold multiple conversations. 


    There was this movie, It was called unfriended I believe.



    THe entire movie is done as a skype call. Friends are talking on skype, more join the convo, a killer goes around killing them one by one.


    I've never even done a group skype call.


    Another thing I remember is going on Spaceship earth in epcot in disney world flordia. Shows what our future could be like. Space suits communicating between planets with video chat. The colinization of space, didn't srprise us much, I mean hell I had a teach tell me as kids they thouught growing up life would be like the Jetsons.


    WHat stunned us was video chat. How neat that was to communicate and see each other over such distances. The newest generation cant remember not having the internet, the way I can't imagine not gettikng a nintendo at 2 (the original) and now kids are getting much more modern systems at 2 which makes the nes look like the atari looked back then.


    Kids are getting cell phones when they were 8. Don't try to explain a world without high speed internet. Remember when it was so slow? Dial up? Remember when we didn't even have thaat? My sister's friends have a 4 year old that navigaed the internet and netflix at 4 years old as easy as I beat the original mario at 2 and a half and zelda at 4.


    Cars are fast. Back imvemted were they evem the speed of a golf cart?



    My grandpa lived in suburbia and had to commute to the city where the jobs werel. Now suburbs are mini cities.



    Now the internet is even on our phones, we don't need a computer or even a tablet to access away from home.


    Everything is about moving fast making money and being selfish.


    Marriage is more settling then ever we had choice of marriage amd they weren't arranged.



    You live, need more money to live in what is "normal, but is really a luxory still in many if not the majority of the world, if your on tihis site, I doubt your in a  regugee camp in North Korrea where all thiings are cemsored. I duobt your being recrroted to run drugs the age we started school


    1st world countries in many ways forgot what it is to be human and truly live.


    The people bust ass im school longer than ever just to meet "middle class" standards.


    Many work multiple jobs just to pay for that school. No one has time to meet, it's one reason daiting sites become more and more successful.


    Is romance dead though? I don't believe so. I believe the majorty lost site of it, and want to marry and have a family and work and die because that's what they are taught life is. People now though marry later in life, specifically since women can work. Stay at home dad's have become more popular as wives are just as likely as the,man to make more money.


    Truth is. most families need both paremts work

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